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YoyoFactory produces ball-bearing yoyos for starting, advanced or professional yoyo player. We also produce all yoyo accessories, yoyos for different styles of play, spintops or kendamas. YoyoFactory products are developed in cooperation with members of YoyoFactory team, with European and National yoyo champions. We offer the best products for kids on the corner trading tricks, the player who knows just enough moves to impress their friends, or even that uncle who ‘used to be a champion. Whatever the status, YoYoFactory has the Yo-Yo to suit every skill or style.

If you are a yoyo beginner we recommend you to start with "responsive" yoyo. You can find responsive yoyos in shop category "Yoyos for beginners". All of these yoyos are great to start your yoyo career, they spin well and they are also easy to wind up just with single pull up with your hand. We do not recommend to start with advanced yoyos. Advanced yoyos, also called "unresponsive" require trick called "bind" to get them back into the players hand.

It is important to add set of spare strings to your first yoyo. Strings wear out while you play and it is recommended to change the string quite often.

Great choice for the beginning is "STARTER SET", it has everything that beginner needs to become a real yoyoplayer.


Starter Sets



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Yoyos for beginners



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Advanced Yoyos



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Looping yoyos



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