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In modern yo-yoing the yoyo is most important but right accessories are also necessary.

Spare strings are indispensable as they wear off while you play. Old string looses its color and visibility, elasticity, slipperiness and it can even break. We recommend to change string each 30-120 min of yo-yoing. We also recommend to get strings with really bright colors so that yoyoer (and even others such as judges, spectators at the contest) can se the string and tricks easily. The string length should be from the floor up to yoyoers belly-button for beginners and variable for the advanced players (depending on the style and preferences).

Most of YoyoFactory yoyos has C-sized ballbearings (only Velocity, FAST 201, Mighty Flea, Loop 1080 and Loop 360 use smaller bearings). SPEC is standard ballbearing with flat profile. Center Trac is premium ballbearing with konkave shaped profile which keeps the string in the middle and makes the yoyo perform and spin better.

Pads are silicone stickers and work as a “response system” in the middle of YoyoFactory yoyos. They make yoyo spin and wind up because of the friction between the silicone and the string. Pads need to be changed in 1-3 months.

YoyoFactory makes two types of lubricants. First is “Loop/Response Oil”, which is intended for responsive and looping yoyos, this oil is thick and makes yoyo really responsive. The second is for advanced yoyos is called “Long Spin Oil”. This oil makes ball-bearing lifetime longer, makes yoyo spin longer and less louder. We recommend to apply only 1-2 drops.