Modern yo-yoing is not just about yo-yo, the right accessories also represent a very important part. Including:

Among the most important are spare strings, which are needed after 30-120 minutes. yoyování replace. The string loses color and therefore visibility, flexibility, glide and may even break.

We recommend choosing strings with a strong color so that especially the yoyer but also others (eg judges / spectators at the competition) can see everything well when yoying. The length of the string should be from beginners to navel for beginners, for advanced according to the type of tricks and according to the preference of each yoyer.

YoyoFactory uses C-size bearings in its yo-yos (only Mighty Flea, Loop 360 and Loop 1080 have smaller bearings). The SPEC bearing with a straight profile is standard, the Center Trac bearing with a concave profile that holds the string in the middle is premium, so the yoyo brakes less.

The pads are silicone stickers that function as a “response system” in the yoyo, thanks to them, the yoyo spins and returns again. They do not need to be replaced as often as with strings, the pads only need to be replaced once every 1-3 months.

YoyoFactory offers two types of lubricating oils. The first is “Loop / Response”, which is suitable for responsive and looping yo-yo, is dense and after application the yo-yo returns more. The second is “Long Spin” and is applied to advanced yo-yos, increases bearing life, improves yo-yo operation and reduces its noise (we recommend applying only 1-2 drops)


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