Spinstar Collection

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Spinstar Collection

  • Low maintenance yoyo, ready to play right out of the package
  • Extra durable body made of ultra strong plastic
  • Great for beginners, preset for basic tricks
  • Plastic bearing for long and fast spins
  • Includes yoyo string and how to use instructions

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The Spinstar is the ultimate yo-yo for beginners! Easy to learn with, low maintenance, and extra durable, it is made of ultra strong Polycarbonate plastic – The Spinstar has everything you need in an entry level yo-yo. It features a combination of a stainless steel axle and a spinning low friction sleeve (formed of a space age polymer) enabling longer and smoother spins creating more time to learn and master tricks. Spinstar requires minimal maintenance and offer an extremely consistent level of response. There’s no break-in period with the Spinstar, just take it out of the package and start throwing!

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