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Yoyos for beginners

Yoyos for beginners


The right choice of your first yoyo is really important. Yo-yoing can be little bit complicated right at the beginning and it is great to have good yoyo right from the start. YoyoFactory is proud to offer this, we teach yo-yoing all over the world and we have developed models that work just easy with the new yoyoers. All of the yoyos in this category are “responsive” yoyo (they spin but they come back to your hand with simple pull up of your hand), which is very crucial for learning the basics of modern yo-yoing correctly.

We highly recommend to include pack of spare strings with your yoyo. The yoyo strings wears out while you do the tricks and it looses its optimal performance. Changing the strings keeps the yoyo work well.

If you are new to yo-yoing and you are about to become a yoyo player we recommend the STARTER SET. We have put all beginner required products together to make your first choice easier and you also get special deal.


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